ACTION FOR GOD’S LOVE (AFGL) is a Trust Fund initiated by Mrs Rita Balachandran in memory of her husband, the late Professor Balachandran, a prominent orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. Registered in December 2002 as a charity under the Charities Act (Charity Reg. No. 1642), Singapore, the Fund was set up with the aim of furthering the religious and charitable work of the Catholic church in the world, particularly in Third World countries where the poorest of the poor are to be found.



Through projects and programmes, the Fund hopes in some measure to improve the material and spiritual lives of the poor and disadvantaged, especially those trapped in poverty, hunger and thirst, sickness, and abandonment. AFGL’s mission is to enhance the well-being of the needy by providing opportunities for education and self-development, as well as developing facilities for improving their physical and spiritual health.  The focus is on giving hope to those who live in despair and hopelessness.



Governed by a Trust Deed, the Fund is administered by a panel of five Trustees, all on a voluntary basis. The Trustees meet periodically to decide on the projects that are to be embarked upon, and the application of funds within the parameters of its objectives. Every decision is taken with the endorsement of the majority of the Trustees. To ensure that projects are carried out in accordance with its aims, the Trustees take a hands-on approach by making periodic visits to the sites of the projects to assess their progress, sort out problems if any, and even assist in the day-today work. Benefactors are also encouraged to visit and participate in the projects if possible.

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